ASTINDO had Lunch with Saudi Tourism Authority

ADINDA | Jakarta–We received some important informations from her, such as :

Indonesian passport holders can apply for a Saudi tourist visa through the embassies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia abroad and submit the application along with the following documents:
1- Proof of residence (in the country in which the visitor resides).
2- Return ticket.
3- Proof of employment.
4- Financial solvency/bank statement.
5- Identification.
6- Residence address (confirmed reservation is not required, just the address).
7- Flight itinerary.

The cost for a tourist visa is SAR 525 ,and a processing fee of SAR 10 for all applicants. The visa cost includes a fee for full health insurance. The cost of the COVID-19 insurance will be included in the fee for the tourism visa.

The tourist visa validity is multiple entry, valid for a full year, and the permitted period to stay in the Kingdom is 90 days.
The tourist visa can be used at any time during its validity period, provided that it does not exceed the permitted period of stay inside the Kingdom (90 days).

The time it takes to issue the visa through the embassy is 1 to 2 working days.

You can use the tourist visa to perform Umrah but not during the Hajj season. To perform Hajj, you must apply for a specific visa through the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

Visa on arrival :

These are the requirements to get a visa on arrival for the countries that are not eligible for e-visa if they have US, UK, or Schengen visas:

  1. The (US, UK, or Schengen visa) has to be used at least once and has an entry stamp from the issuing country.
  2. The visa has to be either a tourism visa or a business visa.
  3. Your visa must be valid at the time of arrival.
  4. COVID insurance must be purchased at the airport at a cost of SAR 180.

The visa fees are SAR 300, and the cost of medical insurance to cover COVID-19 treatment is SAR 180 including tax, bringing the total to SAR 480 or USD 128. []


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